Carlos Gonzalez opts against surgery

Colorado Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez told the Denver Post that he has decided not to have surgery on his injured finger.

Gonzalez, who missed the final two months of the season with a sprained right middle finger, opted against surgery after playing in instructional-league games last week in Arizona.

Gonzalez told the Post that he believes his finger will heal if he does not swing a bat until December.

"I went to Arizona and played, and it felt fine," he told the Post. "It has gotten a lot better. I am going to rest it, and I should be good to go for spring training."

Gonzalez, who turns 28 on Oct. 17, acknowledged that forgoing surgery at this point is a risk. If his finger doesn't heal properly, Gonzalez could ultimately be forced to have surgery closer to spring training, jeopardizing his status for Opening Day.

But Gonzalez also said that having surgery would not guarantee he would regain full flexibility in the finger. The two-time All-Star told the Post that a hand specialist recommended he avoid the surgery.

Gonzalez batted .302 with 26 home runs and 70 RBIs this season despite playing in just 110 games. He appeared in several games as a defensive replacement in September, but his last at-bat was on Aug. 4.

Gonzalez told the Post that his stint in Arizona, where he had 14 plate appearances, helped determine his decision to not have surgery.

"I let it go," he said. "They were checking my finger all the time. And the only thing was that it was a little stiff from inactivity.

"I played the way I normally play. I wanted to see if it would get worse. But there was no swelling after the games like there was during the season."