BBTN 100: Final top 100 list

What sticks out from the top ten of the BBTN 100? (1:58)

John Kruk and Jim Bowden offer their impressions of the top ten players in the BBTN 100, including a player who Bowden thinks deserved to be included in the group. (1:58)

ESPN formed a panel of MLB writers, analysts and contributors to rank the top 100 players heading into 2016. Below is the final list in order from No. 1 to No. 100.

A few interesting notes about the top 100:

-- Right-handed starters are by far the most well represented with 21 players. Designated hitter and left field have the least with four.

-- The Red Sox, Cubs and Blue Jays had the most players in the top 100 with six. The Phillies and Padres were the only teams with zero players in the top 100.

-- Yasiel Puig was the only player in last year's top 25 to drop out of the top 100. Jonathan Lucroy dropped from No. 24 to No. 100

-- There are 31 players are in the Top 100 that weren't in it last year. Jake Arrieta is the highest (No. 9) and there are two more in the top 20 (Dallas Keuchel at No. 13 and Carlos Correa at No. 16).

-- Others players that made big jumps: Bryce Harper (No. 34 to No. 2); Zack Greinke (No. 29 to No. 6); Josh Donaldson (No. 25 to No. 7); Manny Machado (No. 59 to No. 18); Nolan Arenado (No. 77 to No. 24); Jacob deGrom (No. 88 to No. 30)

-- Others players that had big drops: Felix Hernandez (No. 5 to No. 20); Troy Tulowitski (No. 13 to No. 39); Jose Abreu (No. 12 to No. 41); Robinson Cano (No. 8 to No. 49); Johnny Cueto (No. 17 to No. 58); Jordan Zimmermann (No. 30 to No. 81.