Ramirez gets unlimited sushi, hotel suite, driver and optional practice in new Japan contract

Manny Ramirez's new contract in the Japanese independent league with the Kochi Fighting Dogs features plenty of perks, including unlimited sushi and optional practice. Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP/Getty Images

Manny Ramirez will be living large in Japan thanks to the perks of his new contract with the Kochi Fighting Dogs of the country's independent baseball league.

According to Yakyudb.com, Ramirez will have his own Mercedes Benz, which team staff will drive for him. He will get his own hotel suite for away games valued at 80,000 yen a night. On top of that, he gets sushi, and lots of it. Unlimited sushi, to be exact.

To top it off, practices are apparently optional for Ramirez.

During a Monday press conference , Ramirez said playing in Japan was one of his dreams and he is glad it came true. Based on these perks, we can see why.

-- Courtney Schellin