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Friday, April 6
ESPN GameCast

Note: If you are connected to the Internet via a proxy server and you use Netscape Navigator 3.0 or an earlier version, GameCast may not run. You can get around this problem by upgrading to the latest verion of Netscape Navigator or by switching to Internet Explorer, or by asking your network manager to "open port 80" in your firewall server.

Welcome to ESPN GameCast, the most comprehensive way to watch Major League Baseball on the web. You get pitch-by-pitch updates, instantly refreshed statistics, and live graphics that track the action. It's like having box seats -- and your own stats guy -- for every game in the bigs!

To access MLB GameCast, click the GameCast link found in any live or archived box score on the MLB Scoreboard.

ESPN GameCast gives you:

  • A live "Diamond view"
  • Pitch-by-pitch updates
  • An instantly updated box score
  • Detailed batter vs. pitcher matchups
  • Complete current lineups and stats
  • In-depth game and inning summaries
  • And much more!

    ESPN GameCast has three main views: Game status, Live box score, and Game summary. To navigate between these views click on the tabs located at the top of ESPN GameCast.

    Game status
    This is the best view to watch the game in progress, with all the information you need about what's happening right now. Here are some of the features you'll find in the Game status view.
    Line score The half-inning in progress is in bold. Click on any past inning to see a summary of that inning.
    Current pitcher Below the diamond is the pitcher's photo* and name (linking to a comprehensive profile); plus season stats and a link to our premium feature Batter vs. Pitcher, with more matchup information.
    Current batter Next to the pitcher info is the batter's photo* and name (linking to his profile); plus season stats and links to our premium features Batter vs. Pitcher and Hit Charts.
    Balls, strikes, outs Below the diamond, the current count -- balls (B), strikes, (S) and outs (O) -- is indicated by red dots. The number of runs scored in the half-inning appears just below this box.
    Diamond view A quick glance at the diamond shows if there are runners on base (an occupied base is red) and who's in the field (the fielder's uniform number is at each position).

    But there's even more information here than first meets the eye. To get the most out of this view, roll your cursor over the field positions and occupied bases. Here's what you see when you mouse over:

    Current pitcher Mouse over the mound to see the pitcher's total pitches for the game (P), plus strikes (S) and balls (B), and the pitcher's career stats vs. the opposing team.
    Current batter Mouse over home plate to see the batter's career stats vs. the current pitcher, and how he's fared this season in the current situation (ahead, even or behind in the count).
    Baserunners Mouse over an occupied base to see how the runner reached base initially, plus season stolen base stats.
    Fielders Mouse over any fielder's number to see the position and the player's name.
    End of plate appearance After each plate appearance, the result -- hit, run, out, etc. -- will appear in the center of the diamond.
    Team lineups Next to the line score, each lineup lists each team's current batting order and pitcher, plus game stats. The current batter is highlighted in the batting team's lineup; for the other team, the three batters due up in the next half-inning are highlighted.
    Detailed summary Below the lineups, this is an in-progress pitch-by-pitch update of the game. Scoring plays are in bold.
    Inning summary This is a batter-by-batter version of the detailed summary, with in-progress descriptions of each plate appearance.
      * If a player's photo is unavailable the player's team logo will appear instead.

    Live box score
    A live, in-progress box score, updated following every half-inning

    Game summary
    Use this view to catch up on what's happened in the game so far. As on the game status view, there are two options: The detailed pitch-by-pitch summary, or the batter-by-batter inning summary. Scoring plays are in bold.


    How do you find MLB GameCast?
    1. Click on the Scores link in the upper left-hand corner of this page.

    2. Click on the GameCast link following each box score.