Do two cards mean too much?

For the first time in its 20-year history, the UFC promoted two separate events on the same day this weekend.

The live events took place in Berlin, Germany and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The first of the 22 professional fights kicked off before noon in most of the U.S. and they didn't wrap up until after midnight for viewers on the East Coast.

Any attempt made to watch every single fight Saturday probably resulted in one conclusion: That was too much mixed martial arts in one day.

Well, yeah. Of course it was.

There aren't too many forms of entertainment designed for 12-hour consumption, UFC included. As UFC president Dana White has bluntly stated before, feel free to occasionally not watch his product. It's not always promoted with you in mind.

Most MMA fans have accepted this and are well versed by now in the "all this MMA is not necessarily a bad thing" argument. Just as baseball purists didn't catch all 15 MLB games Saturday, most MMA observers aren't going to watch every fight.

The UFC is going to continue to promote two events on one day -- in fact, it's already scheduled to happen three more times in this calendar year. Eventually, it's going to become a non-topic. Something fans don't even notice (assuming they did this time).

The one hope you have, however, for these marathon days is that the UFC commits itself to including at least one major fight. While promoting 22 fights in one day isn't a bad thing, you want to avoid a situation in which any fan would claim that not a single one on the lineup interests them. That could potentially hurt the brand.

That was perhaps the one thing missing Saturday. A finale. There was a lot to dissect at the end of the day, but a 35-second knockout between Stipe Miocic and Fabio Maldonado didn't really end things with a bang.

That wasn't the UFC's fault. The original headliner on the second card was a terrific contest between Miocic and former champion Junior dos Santos. As long as these two-event days dangle a carrot like that, it will be hard to complain about them.