Fighter of the midyear: Donald Cerrone

It's only June and wouldn't you know it, but Donald Cerrone has already crammed a solid year's worth of work into six months.

The vast majority of UFC fighters wouldn't think twice about waiting for a title shot -- and with good reason. Earning a title shot in the UFC is not an easy task and winning a belt carries major financial rewards.

But with Cerrone, one gets the sense that if the UFC offered him a title shot tonight, he'd want to know if there was any chance he could get a three-rounder in before noon first. Cerrone accepted a major risk in January, fighting Ben Henderson just 15 days after defeating Myles Jury via unanimous decision at UFC 182.

After defeating Henderson in Boston, news eventually surfaced that Cerrone went into that fight with a foot injury. So, he fought twice (albeit injured) in two weeks, risking his place in line at 155 pounds in the process. I mean .... what?

The UFC has finally taken it upon itself to shut Cerrone down and force him to wait for a title shot against Rafael dos Anjos later this year; otherwise, he'd probably be fighting someone next week in Las Vegas. As it stands, he's 3-0 on the year with one head-kick knockout.

Although other fighters have recorded more significant wins thus far in 2015 (UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum's submission over Cain Velasquez and dos Anjos' dominant performance against Anthony Pettis come to mind), Cerrone is hands down No. 1.