Trying to put Ronda Rousey's speed into perspective

Rousey knocks out Correia (0:44)

Ronda Rousey defends her UFC women's bantamweight title by knocking out Bethe Correia 34 seconds into the first round of their fight at UFC 190. (0:44)

Undefeated Ronda Rousey's last four fights lasted a grand total of 130 seconds. That's a mere 2 minutes, 10 seconds to beat Sara McMann (1:06), Alexis Davis (16 seconds), Cat Zingano (14 seconds) and Bethe Correia (34 seconds).

In fact, Rousey spent more time getting into the ring (about 2:14 from the time her music started to when she entered the Octagon) before Saturday's KO of Correia at UFC 190 than she did in action over her last four fights.

For perspective, ESPN Stats & Info's Steve Martinez looked at some recent sporting accomplishments and compared the time it took to complete them to Rousey's recent run of total dominance.

Here's what else can be achieved in 130 seconds:

3.9 Victor Martinez home run trots: The Detroit Tigers' designated hitter was clocked at 33.08 seconds rounding the bases on May 6, the slowest home run trot in the majors this season. It was just a shade faster than the 34 seconds it took Rousey to flatten Correia.

59 Peyton Manning passes: The Denver Broncos' quarterback had the fastest average time before releasing passes last season at 2.2 seconds.

30 J.J. Nelson 40-yard dashes: The Arizona Cardinals' rookie receiver had the fastest 40-yard dash time at the 2015 NFL Combine -- 4.28 seconds.

1/19 of Serena Williams' shortest match this season: In March, Williams beat CiCi Bellis in Miami in 41 minutes. Rousey could win 75 fights in that time -- with 22.5 seconds left over -- if she kept up the 32.5-second average of her last four bouts.

8.7 Matt Kenseth laps: In April, Kenseth rounded the oval at Bristol Motor Speedway -- the track billed as The World's Fastest Half Mile -- in 14.917 seconds while winning the pole.

13 Klay Thompson points: The Golden State Warriors' gunner scored an NBA-record 37 points in a quarter against the Sacramento Kings on Jan. 23, including one blazing stretch of 13 points in 130 seconds.

26 Floyd Mayweather punches: Mayweather threw 36.3 punches per round during his win over Manny Pacquiao on May 2. Boxing rounds last three minutes.

Either of the first two Triple Crown legs: American Pharoah won both the 1¼-mile Kentucky Derby (2:03.02) and the 1 3/16-mile Preakness (1:58.46) in less time than Rousey's last four fights, but he needed an extra 16 seconds to complete the Triple Crown at the 1½-mile Belmont Stakes (2:26.65).

13 Usain Bolt 100-meter races: Based on his 2012 London Olympics time of 9.63 seconds, Bolt could run a 100-meter race 13 complete times. Also based on 2012 in London (19.32 seconds), Bolt could complete six 200-meter races.