Conor McGregor will be first in UFC to earn $100M, CEO predicts

NEW YORK -- Conor McGregor, who won the UFC featherweight title Saturday night with a one-punch knockout of Jose Aldo, is going to be a rich man by the time his UFC career is done.

At least that's the prediction of UFC chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, who said Tuesday night that he thought McGregor would be "our first $100 millionaire."

Fertitta said that number, which assumes McGregor will continue to dominate, would be from fight earnings, bonuses and pay-per-view revenue and would not include his outside income from the likes of Monster, his autograph deal with Fanatics or entertainment deals. On Tuesday, TMZ reported McGregor was offered a part in Vin Diesel's "XXX" sequel.

If McGregor, 27, is going to reach that figure, it appears he's going to have to stay relevant for a while. Filings with the Nevada Athletic Commission reveal McGregor was paid $500,000 for the fight against Aldo. He also gets a $40,000 bonus paid by the UFC for the Reebok outfitting deal and a $50,000 bonus from the UFC for the performance of the night. In addition, he'll get a cut of the revenue from what is expected to be more than one million pay-per-view buys.

Fertitta, who declined to predict a final number for McGregor's earnings Saturday, said McGregor's quick work of Aldo "left people wanting more."

McGregor's next opponent has yet to be announced. Some suggest it will be the winner of this weekend's lightweight title fight between Donald Cerrone and Rafael dos Anjos. Former lightweight champ Frankie Edgar, who knocked out Chad Mendes in a featherweight bout last Friday, is another option. Given the way McGregor sent Aldo packing, it seems to be a long shot that Aldo would get another chance right away.