UFC's Ray Borg not happy about being caught in middle of Demetrious Johnson, Dana White dispute

Flyweight contender Ray Borg said he just wants to fight and stay busy in a tough division. Jason Silva/USA TODAY Sports

When this whole Demetrious Johnson, TJ Dillashaw, UFC brass fiasco first started four weeks ago, Ray Borg managed to find some good in it.

Borg (11-2) had been in talks with the UFC to challenge Johnson for his flyweight championship in August, but those discussions were put on hold when Dillashaw offered to drop a weight class and face Johnson next.

UFC president White loved the idea of Dillashaw coming down, but Johnson (25-2-1) preferred Borg. The two have basically been fighting over that -- and other issues -- ever since. And Borg, who has been sitting idle in the meantime, is out of patience.

"At first, at least my name was getting out there," Borg told ESPN.com. "I thought, 'Hey, if people didn't know me before, they do now.'"

"But now, the longer it goes, the more annoying and stressful it gets. I have no f---ing clue what's going on. It was me, TJ and Demetrious in this little bubble, trying to figure out who's fighting who. Now, it's all Dana and Demetrious going at it."

Johnson, who will attempt to break Anderson Silva's record of 10 consecutive title defenses in his next fight, accused the UFC of bullying business tactics in a statement last week. He said White threatened to close his entire division if he refused to face Dillashaw.

White has since stated it wasn't a threat at all and that the UFC has considered closing the 125-pound division "for years," presumably due to a lack of public interest.

Borg, who signed a multifight extension with the UFC earlier this year, isn't overly concerned with the possibility of the division shutting down, but said he hopes the UFC would look beyond its current champion before making that kind of decision.

"I have no f---ing clue what's going on. It was me, TJ and Demetrious in this little bubble, trying to figure out who's fighting who. Now, it's all Dana and Demetrious going at it." Ray Borg

"It just sucks because D.J.'s problems with the UFC are his," Borg said. "He's not a marketable guy. Maybe it's because he's goofy or a family man, I don't know. But he has his issues with the UFC and what drives me crazy is that it's being taken out on the whole division. If D.J. has a situation with the UFC, cool. Keep it between those two. It doesn't need to affect the rest of us trying to make our names and money for our families.

"The UFC is claiming they want to close the division because it doesn't sell? We haven't had a chance to sell. D.J. has been the only face, and that's why it hasn't sold. He's kind of held it back a little -- and that's not his fault. He's a great fighter, but unfortunately he's not what the fans are about right now. They're bored."

Borg, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, says he's not taking sides when it comes to the dispute between Johnson and the UFC. He just wants to see it resolved, so everyone can move on.

At 23, he's not even fixated on fighting Johnson right now. If it happens, great. He's confident he'll beat him. If not, that's fine too. He has plenty of time in front of him.

But after four weeks of little information, and watching nearly every other highly-ranked flyweight booked to a fight, Borg is over it.

"I'm not a guy to be used. I'm no one's pawn," Borg said. "When D.J. first came out and said he wanted to fight me instead of TJ because of the flyweight rankings, I said, 'Oh, wow. I really respect that.' Now, I'm putting two and two together in my head and I'm thinking this m-----f----- is just using me as a negotiating tactic to get the money he wants to fight TJ because Demetrious is not scared of any fight.

"I need to know when I'm fighting next. As of right now, I can't tell you anything. No one really understands this. Everyone talks about how they'll fight anyone, anytime, anywhere -- that stupid cliche -- but I truly, truly do not care who I fight. I just want to stay active. I want to stay busy. That is the only thing I want."