Back from surgery, Benson Henderson ready to prove a point at Bellator 183

Benson Henderson will fight Patricky Freire at Bellator 183. Williams Paul/Icon Sportswire

So far, Benson Henderson's move from the UFC to Bellator MMA has not gone entirely to plan. Perhaps having two functioning ACLs will make a difference.

Henderson (14-7) will make his fourth walk to the Bellator cage on Saturday, as he's scheduled to face lightweight Patricky Freire (17-8) at Bellator 183 inside San Jose's SAP Center.

It will be Henderson's first fight in more than 10 months because of knee surgery. The former UFC champion actually fought for Bellator three times in 2016 with a torn ACL. He went 1-2.

"No excuses, I would never make that excuse, but having two ACLs is a breath of fresh air," Henderson told ESPN. "Imagine, you stand up a certain way for 30 years or your life and then suddenly have to do it another way.

"I was still performing well, and I'm aware of how much time I have left in this sport. I didn't want to be out for nine months to a year. But eventually, it got to a point where I wasn't getting up as fast, I wasn't kicking as hard. At that point, I had to get surgery."

Henderson, 33, wasn't sidelined that long, but there was a development in the sport that one would think he'd have thoughts on.

This summer, the Association of Boxing Commissions approved a proposal for four additional weight classes in mixed martial arts, including a super lightweight 165-pound division.

Bellator has not expressed interest in utilizing any of the new weight classes yet, but California has opened them for business.

Although Henderson has enjoyed plenty of success at 155 and 170 pounds, he's a potential poster boy for a 165-pound division, as he naturally fits right in between. His opinion on the subject might surprise you, though.

"I'm actually not the biggest fan of additional weight classes," Henderson said. "I like how everyone's not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Maybe you're a 'tweener' as they say, and don't have a true weight class. That sucks, but life's not fair.

"I love the way fighters have to adapt. If you're small for the weight class, use your speed and agility. If you're big, lean on the smaller guy. If Bellator were to create a belt at 165 pounds, of course I'd be open for it. But it wouldn't stop me from fighting at 155 and 170."

For now, Henderson's focus is on finishing Freire in a big way on Saturday and possibly jumping former lightweight champion Michael Chandler in line for a shot at current titleholder, Brent Primus.

"I know that I need that in order to dictate my next fight being against Primus, I need an impressive, highlight-reel stoppage for that."