PFL 2023 regular-season standings

Amber Leibrock submits amazing knockout of 2023 candidate (0:52)

Amber Leibrock knocks out Martina Jindrová with a vicious head kick at PFL 2 in Las Vegas. (0:52)

The PFL has six weight classes, with each fighter competing twice during the regular season. There are 10 fighters in each division, and the top four in each division -- heavyweight, light heavyweight, welterweight, lightweight, men's featherweight and women's featherweight -- reach the playoffs.

Winning two playoff fights will earn one fighter in each of those six divisions the season's PFL championship -- and a $1 million payday.

Here's how fighters earn their way to the playoffs: A win is worth 3 points, a draw is worth 1 and a loss is worth zero. Fighters also can earn bonus points for a stoppage (knockout, submission, disqualification), based on the round. A first-round stoppage is worth 3 bonus points, a second-round stoppage 2 and a third-round stoppage 1. In the case of a tie in the standings, the fighter with faster finishes places higher.

A walkover is the result of a fighter's opponent missing weight; the fighter who made weight still has the option to fight and earn bonus points, but is guaranteed at least 3 points for an automatic win. The fighter who misses weight cannot earn points for a win, and will have 1 point deducted from the season total.

The 2023 season is the fifth for the PFL. Here are the current standings.

Women's featherweight standings

Men's featherweight standings

Lightweight standings

Welterweight standings

Light heavyweight standings

Heavyweight standings