Penn to fight Lentz and then retire, White says

Lentz: BJ Penn harasses me and my wife (1:31)

Nik Lentz accuses BJ Penn of commenting on his and his wife's Instagram accounts to coerce Lentz into accepting a fight. (1:31)

EDMONTON, Alberta -- BJ Penn will fight again for the UFC. But it will be for the final time, according to UFC president Dana White.

Penn will take on Nik Lentz later this year on a card to be determined, White confirmed Saturday night at the UFC 240 news conference. White said Penn has agreed to retire following the bout. Penn, a UFC Hall of Famer, has lost seven in a row.

White said after Penn's last fight, a unanimous decision loss to Clay Guida at UFC 237 in May, that he did not want Penn to fight again. But the UFC boss is giving Penn one last chance in the Octagon.

"He terrorized me for friggin' a week and wouldn't stop texting me for three days straight and talked me into it," White said. "So, we have a deal now -- win, lose or draw, this is BJ Penn's last fight."

Penn, 40, has a long-standing rivalry with Lentz, which stems from Penn's split with nutrition coach Mike Dolce, who also worked with Lentz. Lentz has sought a bout with Penn for four years.

Penn (16-14-2) is regarded as one of the best lightweight fighters of all time. He was just the second UFC fighter ever after Randy Couture to win titles in two different weight classes, at lightweight and welterweight. The Hawaii-born star has had legendary rivalries with Georges St-Pierre and Matt Hughes.

However, Penn has not won a fight since 2010, and his seven straight losses is a UFC record. According to UFC Stats, Penn has taken a UFC record 1,358 total strikes to the head.

"I've known BJ Penn since he was like 19 years old," White said. "BJ is gonna do what BJ wants to do. I've had a very crazy relationship with him and his family for the last 20 years. BJ walked me through a million reasons why he needs this fight and why he has to have it. He talked me into it."

White said Penn promised to hang up the gloves after the Lentz fight, but he wouldn't be able to control whether Penn goes to fight for another promotion.

"We'll see if he keeps his promise," White said. "He won't fight here, though. That I guarantee you. We won't be sitting here doing this again. That I promise you."