Dustin Poirier accepts, will auction off Jake Paul's 'Sleepy McGregor' chain

LOS ANGELES -- Jake Paul had a custom chain made with the likeness of Conor McGregor after he was knocked out by Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 in January. The chain, which Paul dubbed "Sleepy McGregor," has changed owners -- to Poirier, who plans to auction it off for charity.

Paul, the YouTube-star-turned-prizefighter, wore the chain on Saturday at UFC 264 in Las Vegas, where he saw Poirier beat McGregor by TKO after McGregor suffered a broken leg at the end of the first round. Paul offered the chain, which he said cost him $100,000 to have made, to Poirier on social media.

Paul told ESPN on Tuesday he was in the process of shipping it to the UFC lightweight star. On Friday Poirier showed it off on Twitter.

"It's real," Paul said after a news conference to promote his boxing match with former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, which is scheduled for Aug. 29 in Cleveland. "I'm hoping [Poirier] takes a picture with it. I think that'd be the most legendary thing and make Conor look so stupid."

Paul said after a social media exchange that Poirier sent over his address and "we're getting it shipped." Poirier's manager, Robert Roveta, confirmed to ESPN that Paul and Poirier brokered the deal.

Roveta said the plan is to auction off the chain for charity. Poirier is one of the most active fighters on the UFC roster with regard to philanthropy. His Good Fight Foundation helps youth in his home state of Louisiana.

In December, Paul offered McGregor $50 million to fight him in boxing. Paul joked Tuesday at the news conference that his offer is now just $23, because McGregor has lost two straight to Poirier.

Paul said the gold chain "manifested what happened" to McGregor at UFC 264 and the Irish fighter was "sent out on a stretcher like a b----."

"He's just lost it," Paul said. "He's an actor now. I think it's all an act. And Dustin Poirier was the one to expose that."