UFC 278 with the Gronks was chock-full of memorable moments

The Gronks are stunned by Edwards' KO of Usman (0:40)

Rob Gronkowski has chills throughout his whole body after watching Leon Edwards' knockout of Kamaru Usman. (0:40)

UFC 278 gave viewers a memorable experience, but not just because of the main event featuring welterweight Leon Edwards' shcoking knockout of Kamaru Usman.

Former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers star tight end Rob Gronkowski served as the host of an alternate broadcast along with brothers Chris, Dan, Glenn and Gordie Jr. and father Gordon.

UFC legend Chuck Liddell and current welterweight Kevin Holland, lightweight Paddy Pimblett and flyweight Molly McCann were among the guests to join the family for the telecast. From tortillas to drinking beer out of a shoe, it was a fun night watching the UFC with the Gronkowskis.

Here are some of the best moments from the "GronkCast."

Brady and Gronk to ... the Raiders?!

It might sound a bit outlandish, but Gronkowski and his longtime friend and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady almost joined the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020.

UFC commissioner Dana White told the story during an interview on the GronkCast. White explained that he made a pitch to Brady to join the Raiders, and the deal to bring the seven-time champion to Vegas was almost complete until then-Raiders head coach Jon Gruden vetoed the move.

The former coach "didn't want 'em [Brady and Gronkowski]," White said.

Imagine TB12 donning the silver and black. We know how history unfolded though, with Brady and Gronk joining the Bucs and winning the Super Bowl in their first season with the team.

Dana White: Gruden nixed deal to bring Brady and Gronk to Raiders

Dana White tells a remarkable story on the GronkCast that Tom Brady was close to becoming a Raider before then-coach Jon Gruden decided against the move.

The Gronks get swole with pushups

Rob is a man of great stature, so cranking out a few pushups wasn't an issue for him. He continued to show off his strength by doing pushups with his brother Glenn on his back. Yes, the rest of the family also did their share of pushups.

Let's all do the 'Shoey'

Rising UFC star Tai Tuivasa joined the Gronkowskis during the UFC 278 telecast, and his famous "shoey" celebration was a topic of conversation. Tuivasa's postmatch victory move involves him drinking beer out of a shoe.

Drinking beer in a unique way? Count the Gronks in. Some of the family didn't pour the beverage into the shoe like Tuivasa, but the beer was still consumed. Rob finished his cold one as only he can -- with a trademark Gronk spike.

The Gronks do a shoey

The Gronkowskis try their hands at a shoey when Tai Tuivasa joins the GronkCast.

Crushing watermelons

Former UFC fighter Ben Askren made waves on social media when he posted a video of himself crushing two watermelons in 2019. The Gronk family attempted to mash their own watermelons to no avail.

Then Rob found a much easier way to break the fruit, with some help from Holland.

Pillow fighting turned Gronkowski

The Gronks put a family twist on pillow fighting with their game called "Zoom Zoom." To play, participants must rush at each other with a pillow covering their torso. The goal is to knock the other person down after colliding with them.

Holland went against Rob, and the former NFL star laid a solid hit on the UFC fighter. Just look at the remains of Holland's pillow.