St-Pierre still unstoppable at 170

Georges St-Pierre is still the man. Carlos Condit did not disappoint.

Johny Hendricks left his mark on Martin Kampmann's face.

All in all it, was a great weekend for fans of the welterweight division, which has established itself, I think, as the UFC's most interesting and competitive class at the moment.

St-Pierre deserves as much praise as you're willing to heap on the guy. After 19 months away from the cage, after ACL surgery and recovery, after being asked to fight an extremely dangerous challenger, the popular French-Canadian champion affirmed his status as one of the three best fighters on the planet. He was as fast as ever, as powerful as ever, as technical and smart as ever.

So the question lingers, who can stop St-Pierre?

For now, let's focus on the immediate aftermath of UFC 154 (and Friday's Bellator).