Belfort's kick; Rockhold's flop, more

You probably expect this intro to be about Vitor Belfort and testosterone replacement therapy. I could go there, for sure. But that stuff isn't going away, there will be more to say. So for now (meaning the next few paragraphs) let's shelve Belfort in favor of the flyweights and the best fight of the night, all of which were relegated to Saturday's online stream.

Headed up by a terrific champion, Demetrious Johnson, we're just now witnessing the larger impact of UFC's decision to include flyweights on their roster.

Jussier Formiga did well to get past Chris Cariaso. He showed flashes why he was once considered the top flyweight in the world. The issues that knocked him from that perch, however, haven't gone away. Formiga isn't much for striking, and when momentum swings against him he has a difficult time recovering. Still, his top game and guard passing represent a serious threat to anyone at 125, especially when he fights with confidence.

If Formiga was good, another Brazilian, John Lineker, registered off the charts for his effort. Lineker's heavy-fisted attack is so great to watch, especially when he works over the body, which is how he got to Azamat Gashimov a minute into the second round.

People seem to think there's no power to be found at 125. They should take closer looks at Lineker or current top contender John Moraga.

Also, lightweights Lucas Martins and Jeremy Larsen opened the card with a bout that held up as fight of the night. It was a terrific clash, which Martins won 13 seconds into the third round by knockout.

Just a reminder that from time to time, it's worth catching the online undercard. Saturday certainly was one of those nights.