Pettis proves no champ is safe

MMA Live Extra: Pettis Wins Lightweight Title (7:32)

MMA Live Extra recaps Anthony Pettis' capturing of the UFC lightweight title from Benson Henderson and also recaps the wins of Josh Barnett and Chad Mendes. (7:32)

When Zuffa purchased the UFC in 2001, its first three events played out over a five-month period. The pace has picked up considerably for one of sport's most ambitious companies, but even by Zuffa's prodigious standards, three cards in a week is asking a lot.

That's what they're in the midst of right now. So far, so good.

Wednesday's event in Indianapolis and Saturday's pay-per-view in Milwaukee offered something for everyone, but primarily the good stuff that makes investing time and energy into following along worthwhile, especially since there are many other things out there to do. Expect more of that Wednesday in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Unless something miraculous happens a couple of days from now, the headline during this stretch will be Anthony Pettis tapping Benson Henderson in the main event of UFC 164, which resulted in the lightweight title switching hands in dramatic fashion.

Coming off Chris Weidman's stunner over Anderson Silva, perhaps this latest result should be taken as a sign. Champions beware, it's hunting season.