Friday, June 9
Updated: June 28, 9:23 AM ET
Armstrong completes Tour victory

Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong holds up a glass of champagne during his ride.
Let the celebration begin. Lance Armstrong joined Greg LeMond on Sunday afternoon when he became the second American to win consecutive Tour de Frances and just the 11th rider to ever do it. The Austin, Texas rider, who took control of the race with a magnificent ride in the Pyrénées, was led through the streets of Paris on Sunday by his U.S. Postal Service teammates. One of those teammates, George Hincapie, describes Lance's amazing performance and his overall Tour experience in the final installment of his exclusive ABC Sports Online diary.

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    An American perspective: Enjoying the Tour
    The Tour de France is an electrifying experience for the few Americans who get the chance to see it live.
    Armstrong proves to be a true champion
    Lance Armstrong roared through Friday's race and put a nice exclamation point on his dominant performance in the 2000 Tour de France.
    Notes from Mulhouse
    ONCE was Lance Armstrong's biggest worry at the start of the Tour three weeks ago. Now the Spanish team is an afterthought.
    Hincapie Diary No. 16
    The U.S. Postal Service team is getting ready to celebrate Lance Armstrong's victory in the Tour de France.
    Zabel wins 20th; Armstrong eyes final prize
    Germany's Erik Zabel ended a three-year wait when he won the 20th stage of the Tour de France on Saturday.
    Austin awash in yellow after victory
    For Austin, Texas, Lance Armstrong's second victory proved 1999 was no fluke.
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