10:00Khalifa Diop vs. Noah Clowney (Isaiah Mobley gains possession)00
9:45Sam Merrill misses 23-foot three point jumper00
9:40Khalifa Diop offensive rebound00
9:40Khalifa Diop misses tip shot00
9:40Noah Clowney defensive rebound00
9:29Khalifa Diop blocks David Duke Jr. 's 5-foot driving layup00
9:25Sam Merrill defensive rebound00
9:20Emoni Bates misses 25-foot three point jumper00
9:15Noah Clowney defensive rebound00
9:12Sharife Cooper personal foul00
9:03Kennedy Chandler misses driving layup00
9:01Khalifa Diop defensive rebound00
8:56Emoni Bates misses 25-foot three point shot00
8:52Armoni Brooks defensive rebound00
8:39Kennedy Chandler misses 23-foot three point jumper00
8:35Sam Merrill defensive rebound00
8:29Sam Merrill bad pass (David Duke Jr. steals)00
8:25David Duke Jr. makes two point shot02
8:10Isaiah Mobley misses 26-foot three point pullup jump shot02
8:07David Duke Jr. defensive rebound02
8:01Noah Clowney misses 26-foot three point jumper02
7:59Emoni Bates defensive rebound02
7:52Emoni Bates makes 27-foot step back jumpshot32
7:35Jalen Wilson misses driving floating jump shot32
7:32Sam Merrill defensive rebound32
7:27Emoni Bates misses running pullup jump shot32
7:24Jalen Wilson defensive rebound32
7:23Jalen Wilson makes 11-foot two point shot34
7:23Sharife Cooper shooting foul34
7:23Jalen Wilson makes free throw 1 of 135
7:11Sam Merrill bad pass (Armoni Brooks steals)35
7:07Sharife Cooper blocks Armoni Brooks 's 5-foot two point shot35
7:03Sam Merrill defensive rebound35
7:01Isaiah Mobley misses 26-foot three point shot35
6:59Cavaliers offensive team rebound35
6:56Khalifa Diop traveling35
6:38Armoni Brooks makes 12-foot two point shot37
6:13Emoni Bates misses layup37
6:10Isaiah Mobley offensive rebound37
6:09Isaiah Mobley makes two point shot57
6:02Jalen Wilson misses 25-foot three point jumper57
6:02Khalifa Diop defensive rebound57
5:58Isaiah Mobley makes dunk (Khalifa Diop assists)77
5:35Khalifa Diop defensive 3-seconds (technical foul) 77
5:35Official timeout77
5:35Luke Travers enters the game for Khalifa Diop77
5:35David Duke Jr. misses technical free throw77
5:35Nets offensive team rebound77
5:27Kennedy Chandler misses driving floating jump shot77
5:26Sam Merrill defensive rebound77
5:22Sam Merrill traveling77
5:14Noah Clowney misses 26-foot three point jumper77
5:11Emoni Bates defensive rebound77
5:07Kennedy Chandler blocks Sharife Cooper 's 2-foot two point shot77
5:03Isaiah Mobley offensive rebound77
5:00Isaiah Mobley misses 9-foot two point shot77
4:57Jalen Wilson defensive rebound77
4:49Kennedy Chandler makes driving layup79
4:30Isaiah Mobley misses layup79
4:25Luke Travers offensive rebound79
4:25Luke Travers makes tip shot99
4:15Kennedy Chandler misses two point shot99
4:13Isaiah Mobley defensive rebound99
4:10Sharife Cooper makes two point shot (Isaiah Mobley assists)119
4:05David Duke Jr. offensive charge119
4:05David Duke Jr. turnover119
4:05RaiQuan Gray enters the game for David Duke Jr.119
4:05Jamorko Pickett enters the game for Noah Clowney119
4:05Matt Lewis enters the game for Jalen Wilson119
4:05Jordan Hall enters the game for Armoni Brooks119
4:05Craig Porter Jr. enters the game for Emoni Bates119
4:05Pete Nance enters the game for Sharife Cooper119
3:47Craig Porter Jr. misses two point shot119
3:42Pete Nance offensive rebound119
3:42Pete Nance makes two point shot139
3:26Jordan Hall misses three point jumper139
3:22Pete Nance defensive rebound139
3:13Luke Travers makes 1-foot layup (Isaiah Mobley assists)159
3:02Kennedy Chandler misses 26-foot three point jumper159
2:59Isaiah Mobley defensive rebound159
2:44Sam Merrill makes 28-foot three pointer189
2:41Nets Full timeout189
2:41David Duke Jr. enters the game for Kennedy Chandler189
2:31Isaiah Mobley blocks David Duke Jr. 's 6-foot driving layup189
2:28Isaiah Mobley defensive rebound189
2:20RaiQuan Gray personal foul189
2:12Craig Porter Jr. bad pass (Matt Lewis steals)189
2:08Matt Lewis makes two point shot1811
2:06Nets delay of game violation1811
1:52Sam Merrill makes 25-foot three point jumper (Isaiah Mobley assists)2111
1:43Jamorko Pickett misses 26-foot three point pullup jump shot2111
1:39Isaiah Mobley defensive rebound2111
1:31Jamorko Pickett blocks Pete Nance 's 25-foot three point jumper2111
1:31Cavaliers offensive team rebound2111
1:31Khalifa Diop enters the game for Isaiah Mobley2111
1:21Pete Nance makes 26-foot three point jumper (Luke Travers assists)2411
1:04RaiQuan Gray misses 23-foot pullup jump shot2411
1:00Craig Porter Jr. defensive rebound2411
0:58Sam Merrill misses 26-foot three point shot2411
0:58Sam Merrill offensive rebound2411
0:55Jordan Hall shooting foul2411
0:55Sam Merrill makes free throw 1 of 22511
0:55Sam Merrill makes free throw 2 of 22611
0:48Matt Lewis makes 27-foot three point jumper (RaiQuan Gray assists)2614
0:32Khalifa Diop misses 5-foot two point shot2614
0:30Jamorko Pickett defensive rebound2614
0:24Luke Travers blocks Jamorko Pickett 's 5-foot layup2614
0:21Jordan Hall offensive rebound2614
0:20Matt Lewis misses 26-foot three point jumper2614
0:17Cavaliers defensive team rebound2614
0:17Adonis Arms enters the game for Jordan Hall2614
0:17Sharife Cooper enters the game for Pete Nance2614
0:03Sharife Cooper makes driving layup2814
0:00RaiQuan Gray makes 34-foot three point shot2817
0:00End of the 1st Quarter2817