Arenas All-Star replacement for Pacers' O'Neal

NEW YORK -- Gilbert Arenas is headed to the All-Star Game after all.

The Washington Wizards guard was picked Friday by NBA commissioner David Stern to replace Indiana forward Jermaine O'Neal, who was voted in as an Eastern Conference starter but is injured.

"It's an honor. Thank you, David Stern," Arenas said before
Friday night's game against Cleveland.

Arenas was perhaps the biggest omission on the East team when
reserves for the Feb. 19 game in Houston were announced Thursday
night. He is fourth in the league with 28.2 points per game.

"No way, no how," Wizards guard Antonio Daniels said Thursday.
"There is no one more deserving to make the All-Star team than
Gilbert Arenas."

Arenas said Thursday he would use the snub as motivation. Even
now that he's in, he'll still have a chip on his shoulder over his
late selection.

"There's still motivation there," said Arenas, who will be
making his second consecutive All-Star appearance. "I've still got
things to prove. I'm going to always have something to prove in
this league. I'm one of those players who's just got to keep
fighting, and I'm not going to give up."

Arenas said he received word of his selection via an e-mail sent
to his cellphone. His reaction: "It ain't April Fools' yet?" he

East coach Flip Saunders will decide who replaces O'Neal in the
starting lineup, though he indicated it probably won't be one of
his four Detroit players who were selected.