All-Star Grades: Celebrity game

Here's the grades for the annual Celebrity All-Star Game, which saw Little League phenom Mo'ne Davis help the West team beat four-time game MVP Kevin Hart's team East 59-51:

Robert Pera | Grade: A
We were primed to laugh at the Grizzlies' owner, since he's famously confident in his basketball skill. He's good, though. Maybe not besting Tony Allen in one-on-one level good, but good enough to be the real MVP of this game. Fantastic energy, nice handle, explosive to the rim. He might get drunk on power from this, fire his whole team and go 1-on-5 against all Memphis' opponents.

Mo'Ne Davis | Grade: B-
Her spin move on Kevin Hart was an impressive display of talent and watching her run point was enjoyable. She missed a few shots, though, something that's fairly forgivable considering her age. This grade is mostly a lie. Nobody can be mean to Mo'Ne.

Win Butler | Grade: A
Played team ball throughout, excellent Marc Gasol-style jump hook. Assisted like a butler, played to, um, win. Great performance.

Common | Grade: D
Just Wrong.

Sarah Silverman | Grade: D
Her tenacity was commendable, though she moved a bit like a foosball figurine. A little too green to make good on her frenzied attempts to vaporize opponents.

Chris Mullin: | Grade: B+
He made a fantastic defensive play on a Common dream shake. Mullin's still got it, though that accurate jumper of his unfurls a lot slower than in his NBA days. Kings coaches have been hired and fired quicker than it took him to uncork that shot.

Shoni Schimmel | Grade: C
Training camp doesn't start till April for Schimmel, which could explain why she was out of sorts to start the game. Great range on that 3-pointer, though.

Ansel Engort | Grade: D
Poor play mostly. Not the fault of Red Team's stars that Engort missed a wide-open layup.

Blake Leeper | Grade: A-
Good defense, moved the ball, hit a 3. An inspired performance.

Kevin Hart: | Grade: B
Over dribbled, hogged the ball, yelled, "AHHH!" constantly for no apparent reason. He's a bit like Ricky Davis on a bad night, mixed with car-alarm noises. Still, better than most of his teammates.

Chadwick Boseman | Grade: B-
He hustled out there, played alert defense. The transition from biopic baseball has been nearly seamless.

Michael Rapaport | Grade: D
Played 27 minutes, scored one point. If he's the symbol of New York City basketball right now, that's fitting.

Tina Charles | Grade: D
Charles doubtless could have played better. She chose to lean on her teammates, who promptly collapsed like a Jenga tower.

Allan Houston | Grade: A-
I can confidently report Jim Dolan saw this game and plans on giving Houston another max deal. OK, I can't report that, but I can confidently say Houston's still got it from beyond the arc.

Jesse Williams | Grade: B+
Played well before succumbing to an ugly injury. Hopefully he can rehab in time for next year's celeb game. He flaunted an excellent floor game.

Nick Cannon | Grade: D
Nick Cannon is the host of "America's Got Talent." Especially ironic tonight.

Anthony Anderson | Grade: C-
Got shaken on a Kevin Hart crossover. Also stepped on Kevin Hart. It balances out, mostly.

Skylar Diggins | Grade: B
She's a pro, so it's little surprise she easily beat the unheard of three-person trap on a pick-and-roll. She could have dominated this game but kept it on cruise control.