Updated: November 6, 2010, 1:36 AM ET

Thibodeau Preps For C's Reunion

By Peter May | ESPNBoston.com

He's coming back, but, honestly, is Boston any more of an emotional reunion for new Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau than Houston or New York? After all, he spent only three seasons alongside Celtics coach Doc Rivers in Boston. He spent 11 seasons with the Rockets and Knicks.

So is Boston really that big of a deal?

"It's going to bring back a lot of fond memories,'' Thibodeau said by phone this week, before his Bulls met the Knicks on Thursday night. The Bulls meet the Celtics on Friday night in Boston on ESPN (8 p.m. ET). "What that [Celtics] organization did for me, from ownership to [director of basketball operations] Danny [Ainge] to Doc -- it put me in the position that I'm in today. There's a great appreciation of that on my part."

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Have You Seen D-Rose's Monster Jam?

How Good Can The Lakers Be?

By Dave McMenamin | ESPNLosAngeles.com

The Los Angeles Lakers' commanding 5-0 start to the season has even the most guarded fan bouncing numbers around his head like John Nash in "A Beautiful Mind."

The New York Knicks' NBA record 18-game winning streak to start the 1969-70 season? It's on the table.

The 33 in a row by the 1971-72 Lakers? Sure, why not?

The single-season record of 72-10 by the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls? Hey, Phil Jackson already did it once ...

After the Lakers dismantled their latest victim in Sacramento on Wednesday, Lamar Odom sounded down-right Jeff Van Gundy-like when talking about what the Lakers are striving for this year.

"Being perfect is like a realistic goal for us," Odom said. "It's a way of thinking. It's a thought process."

Van Gundy put his reputation as an ABC/ESPN NBA analyst on the line this summer when he predicted the Miami Heat would win 72-plus games and go the entire season without dropping two games in a row.

"We try not to get numbers on it," Jackson said after practice Thursday. "Last year I said if we didn't win 60 I'd be disappointed in the season as far as their effort, but we had extenuating circumstances with injuries last year and those things happen."

The Lakers stumbled to just 57 wins last season, losing seven of their final 11 games including a 2-3 mark on a five-game road trip when Jackson set the bar of expectations to go 5-0. In Jeanie Buss' new book, "Laker Girl," she reveals that Jackson often looks at the slate of Lakers games for the upcoming week and writes a goal on the board in the locker room, perhaps 3-1 if the team is playing four games, for instance, to give a team a number to focus on. So Jackson does use numbers even though on Thursday he said "numbers aren't important."

"What's important is getting out ahead of the rest of the pack and somehow or other putting them in the back so that you have that home-court advantage that looms important at certain times in the playoffs," Jackson said.

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