Confident Diener weary from lots of travel

Marquette guard Travis Diener is among the hundred or so players hoping to get picked in the NBA draft June 28. He has agreed to share his thoughts and experiences with ESPN.com as he goes through the NBA workout process during the next 10 days.

Here is an excerpt of ESPN.com's phone conversation Tuesday morning with Diener:

ESPN.com: Who have you worked out for so far?

Travis Diener: "I worked out with New York, New Jersey, the Lakers, Clippers, Warriors, Kings, Portland, Utah, Milwaukee."

ESPN.com: And how do you think things are going?

Diener: "Real well. I feel pretty good about the way I've played. I'm trying to concentrate on doing the things that I'm good at. But I'm not used to all the travel. That's kind of tough."

ESPN.com: Do any of the workouts stand out in your mind as being better than the others?

Diener: "In New York, I shot the ball extremely well. For the most part, everything is going real well. I played well in Utah and Portland."

ESPN.com: In the workouts, what are they asking you to do?

Diener: "I think mostly they want to know what kind of player you are. They want to get a better understanding of who you are as a player. So I'm trying to be a be a leader, work hard in the drills. I try to do the little things that might make a good impression."

ESPN.com: What kind of role do you see yourself playing in the NBA?

Diener: I'll definitely be a one. I want to run the team … be the point guard. Do all the necessary things to get everyone involved.

ESPN.com: What kind of workouts have you been involved in? Are they individual or group workouts?

Diener: "Half and half … usually there are a couple of other guards there … and two big guys. … We do one-on-one drills and other competitive stuff."

ESPN.com: Have you seen a lot of the same guys at the workouts you've attended?

Diener: "I've worked out with Chris Thomas, Anthony Roberson, Luther Head, [Salim] Stoudamire. Guys that are projected to go high usually don't come to these."

ESPN.com: Who have you gotten the best feedback from?

Diener: "A lot of teams have been real positive. But what happens a week from today is when it all matters. And I won't know for sure what team is going to take me."

ESPN.com: Are you confident you'll get drafted?

Diener: "Yes, I'm confident I'll get drafted, I think right now there is a pretty good chance, but anything can happen. I'm not 100 percent sure."

ESPN.com: Have you talked with Dwyane Wade about all this? Did he have any advice for you?

Diener: "I talked with him last week. He told me it was a long process and to not get discouraged if I have a bad workout. He said keep moving and do the things you're good at … stay positive."

ESPN.com: What do you have on your schedule for today?

Diener: "Today, I'm going to work out in half an hour. I'll be speaking at the Marquette camp and then around 3:30, I'll play some with the guys at camp."

ESPN.com: What's on your schedule for the next couple of days?

Diener: "I leave tomorrow for Orlando … I have a workout there on Thursday. I go to Boston on Friday and Toronto on Sunday."

ESPN.com: Good luck. Call back on Thursday and tell us how things went in Orlando.

Diener: "All right, I will thanks."