Report: Durant's workout raises eyebrows at camp

Kevin Durant wowed NBA teams in his one college season at Texas. At last week's pre-draft camp? Not so much, according to a confidential draft camp report obtained by The Seattle Times.

According to the newspaper, the report said Durant was ranked 78th out of 80 NBA prospects who worked out at Orlando, while Ohio State center Greg Oden had an impressive workout.

Oden and Durant have long been slated to go 1-2 in the NBA draft, and it's expected the Seattle SuperSonics will take Durant after the Portland Trail Blazers take Oden.

According to the Times, Durant was the only prospect at camp who failed to bench press 185 pounds, and finished behind Oden in some key drills, including the vertical leap, agility drill and three-quarter court sprint.

Oden jumped 34 inches in the vertical leap while Durant jumped 33½ inches, completed the agility drill in 11.67 seconds to Durant's 12.33 seconds, and finished the three-quarter court sprint in 3.27 seconds, ahead of Durant's 3.45 seconds, according to the report.

Durant, however, had a 7-4¾ wingspan, which ranked second among all prospects and measured a half-inch wider than Oden's wingspan.

But Durant's college coach said scouts should not question his strength just because he could not bench press 185 pounds.

"If people question his strength, they're stupid," Texas' Rick Barnes said Tuesday, according to The Dallas Morning News. "If they are looking for weight lifters to come out of Texas, that's not what we're producing. There are a lot of guys who can bench press 300 pounds in the NBA who couldn't play dead in a cowboy movie. Kevin's the best player in the draft -- period, at any position."