NBA Bans Clippers Owner Donald Sterling For Life


Steve Ballmer, Clippers

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer covers his mindset on joining the NBA, his relationship with Doc Rivers, Shelly Sterling's continued involvement with the team and more.

Michael Wilbon, NBA

PTI's Michael Wilbon weighs in on whether he was surprised by Steve Ballmer's agreement to buy the Clippers for $2 billion, Thunder-Spurs, Heat-Pacers and more.

Ramona Shelburne, NBA

ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne talks about Steve Ballmer's agreement to buy the Clippers for $2 billion, how Donald Sterling was ruled mentally incapacitated and more.

Jared Dudley, Clippers

Clippers F Jared Dudley comments on his interactions with the Sterlings, Steve Ballmer's agreement to buy L.A. and whether Donald Sterling's remarks distracted the team during the playoffs.

Roger Mason Jr., NBA

NBPA first VP Roger Mason Jr. discusses the proposed sale price of the Clippers, whether the team is a good investment and the NBA's handling of the Donald Sterling situation.

Darren Rovell, NBA

ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell weighs in on Steve Ballmer's agreement to purchase the Clippers, the process of the sale and the NBA's legal strategy against Donald Sterling.


J.A. Adande
Clippers' no-win situation

There's no need for Doc Rivers or Chris Paul to abandon ship now. There's no way for them to beat a man who doesn't care if he loses.

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Arash Markazi
Clippers name has to go with Sterling

The Clippers name should follow Donald Sterling out the door.

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Lester Munson
Too early to read into Sterlings' deal

Donald Sterling's sudden willingness to consider a sale of the Los Angeles Clippers by his wife, Shelly, could be a tactic to delay the end of their ownership, Lester Munson writes.

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Jason Whitlock
Sterling's refreshing transparency

Donald Sterling's weak apology did not even include a nod to black people, writes Jason Whitlock.

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Dan Le Batard
The wheel has turned

Donald Sterling's ban from the NBA was a kind of Lifetime Achievement Award for racism, Dan Le Batard writes.

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Howard Bryant
Sterling saga reveals players' power

Adam Silver's strong statement to ban Donald Sterling uncovered the truth that players have power, Howard Bryant writes.

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Peter Keating
NBA spent years looking other way

In throwing Donald Sterling out of the NBA for life, commissioner Adam Silver is appropriately exercising his powers as broadly as his job description will allow. But what took the league so long, Peter Keating asks.

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Ian O'Connor
Shame on Stern for Sterling silence

David Stern's shoes never looked smaller than they did on Tuesday, as's Ian O'Connor notes.

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