NBA draft trade grades: Breaking down every move during draft day


The NBA draft is about welcoming the next class of stars into the league as teams look to build for the future.

It's also about trades -- and apparently New York Knicks trades, in particular.

The Knicks added three future first-round picks during Thursday night's draft, swinging a deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder followed by a three-team trade with the Detroit Pistons and Charlotte Hornets.

What is Knicks president Leon Rose up to?

A trio of deals went down in the days leading to the draft: The Thunder acquired JaMychal Green from the Denver Nuggets, the Dallas Mavericks traded for Christian Wood in a deal with the Houston Rockets, and the Portland Trail Blazers got Jerami Grant from the Pistons.

What else is in store throughout the rest of the offseason? ESPN NBA insider Kevin Pelton is grading all the biggest moves.

Trade tracker: Details on every deal


Knicks go wild on draft night, acquire three future first-rounders

New York was at the center of a series of trades during the first round of Thursday's draft that not only created additional cap space but also boosted its stock of future first-rounders for moves yet to come.

Although the three trades were technically separate, let's discuss them together with New York as a focal point.

New York Knicks get:
2023 first-round pick (from Detroit via Oklahoma City; top-18 protected)
2023 first-round pick (from Washington, via Oklahoma City; top-14 protected)
2025 first-round pick (from Milwaukee, via Detroit; top-four protected)

Detroit Pistons get:
Jalen Duren (No. 13 pick in 2022)
Kemba Walker

Charlotte Hornets get:
2023 first-round pick (from Denver, via Oklahoma City and New York; top-14 protected)
Three 2023 second-round picks (via New York, Utah and Dallas or Miami)
2024 second-round pick (via New York)

Oklahoma City Thunder get:
Ousmane Dieng (No. 11 pick in 2022)

New York Knicks: B+