How Phil Jackson and the Knicks can avoid disaster

Let's face it, some elements of ESPN's Summer Forecast are more subjective than others. Today's reveal of the balloting for this season's Team Turmoil reflects the most subjective of the different categories for which we vote. In effect, we are trying to psychoanalyze an entire organization based on events that may or may not happen. But it's a lot of fun and in all seriousness, the voting says a lot about how teams are perceived entering a new season.

Which team will face the greatest degree of unwanted upheaval in the months to come? There are three primary elements that ensure a high ranking in the turmoil standings: 1. Teams that play in the biggest markets with added exposure to magnify any missteps. 2. A roster and/or a coaching staff comprised of volatile personalities. 3. A high payroll combined with low expectations.