The Bulls have a Derrick Rose problem: Keep him or move him?

John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune/Getty Images

Derrick Rose is still introduced last when the starting lineups are called. The Bulls' PA announcer Tommy Edwards launches into his familiar, "Frommmm Chi-cag-o ..." and the fans, many sporting a Rose No. 1 jersey, still cheer.

Yet the deafening roar that used to drown out Rose's name in those moments is gone. Jimmy Butler gets more of a rise, as does Joakim Noah when he enters the game.

While we're just a quarter into the 2015-16 season, Rose's startling decline leaves the Bulls' decision-makers with difficult, almost unmentionable questions.

Grumbles from social media and sports talk are but symptoms of a dawning crisis for the Bulls. The team looks like a borderline contender in its conference at times, but seldom when its franchise player is on the floor.

The Bulls have a Derrick Rose problem.