Three Bledsoe trades that work for both sides

What trade destinations make the most sense for Suns guard Eric Bledsoe? Jason Miller/Getty Images

Will the Phoenix Suns get value for Eric Bledsoe?

After Bledsoe cryptically tweeted, "I Don't wanna be here," on Sunday, Suns GM Ryan McDonough told reporters Monday that he plans to discuss trading the apparently unhappy point guard and said Bledsoe "won't be with us going forward."

As ESPN's Bobby Marks notes, this early in the season is an unusual time for trades, and the pressure to move Bledsoe now gives Phoenix little leverage in negotiations. So can the Suns find a deal that gives them enough in return for a player on one of the league's better contracts, or have they already squandered his trade value?

Let's take a look at three realistic options, plus why several other interested teams may not be able to put together a deal that satisfies Phoenix's needs.