How good would the Warriors be without Kevin Durant?

Would the Warriors be title favorites without KD? Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Do the Golden State Warriors need Kevin Durant? That question seems to underlie this week's flashpoint stemming from Durant and teammate Draymond Green arguing in the huddle and locker room over Green's decision not to give Durant the ball at the end of regulation in Monday's overtime loss to the LA Clippers.

When the Warriors decided to suspend Green one game for his actions, they sent the message -- whether intended or not -- that they favored Durant, who can become an unrestricted free agent again next summer and has been unwilling to commit to staying with Golden State. As the Warriors organization weighs how to treat Durant over the next 8½ months, his importance has to be part of the calculation.

Would Golden State be favored to win the championship without Durant? What kind of impact would his departure have on the Warriors' cap flexibility? Let's break it down.