NBA draft: What scouts will be watching in conference tourneys

Lance King/Getty Images

College basketball's conference tournament season is in full swing, providing many prospects with one last shot to earn an NCAA tournament bid. A handful of mid-majors have already punched their tickets to the dance, but most still haven't. NBA teams don't normally scout the NCAA tournament very heavily, but they will be out in full force all week long, raising the stakes for players throughout our Top 100 rankings.

NBA executives are in the midst of a mad dash of last-minute scouting, trying to ensure they get eyes on every possible prospect who might put his name in the draft. With many high-level decision-makers being largely consumed by their own teams for the majority of the year, this week represents an opening to catch up on late risers or lesser-known prospects from outside of the traditional powerhouses. It's a unique opportunity for players to help themselves on a big stage with an important audience on hand.

We've organized those prospects into pods, which will all be receiving significant attention from NBA teams over the next six days. What will they be tracking the closest? And which prospects have the most to gain or lose this week?

Let's dive in.