What RJ Hampton's surprise choice means for the NBA and NCAA

Silver 'a little jealous' of Hampton going to Australia (1:42)

Adam Silver applauds R.J. Hampton's decision to play professionally in Australia, but wishes there was an comparable opportunity in the United States. (1:42)

What does RJ Hampton's decision to join the Australian National Basketball League and bypass college hoops on his way to the NBA mean for the sport?

Hampton -- the No. 6 prospect in ESPN's 2020 NBA mock draft -- made a surprise announcement on Tuesday that he's joining the New Zealand Breakers after it looked like he had narrowed down his college list to Kansas, Memphis and Texas Tech. The move could have wide-ranging implications for the NBA, the 2020 draft, the NCAA and the professional pipeline for top prospects in the future.

Is this a trend, or something else? Let's dive into the big questions following Hampton's choice.