How can the Blazers contend with Lillard's new supermax?

Lowe: Blazers could look into trading for Love (1:14)

Zach Lowe examines the possibility of the Blazers trading for Kevin Love, and Adrian Wojnarowski adds that the team has the assets to get an All-Star caliber player. (1:14)

How can the Portland Trail Blazers make a Damian Lillard supermax contract work for them?

Lillard and the Blazers are set to agree to a four-year extension, currently projected to be worth $196 million, on the first day it could be offered. The extension would kick in during the 2021-22 season, after Lillard's current contract expires, and its value wouldn't be determined until the salary cap is set two years from now.

The challenge now is for the Blazers to maintain a competitive team around Lillard once his salary jumps to an expected average of nearly $50 million per year.

How well can Lillard be expected to age?