Is it Kawhi Leonard or bust for the Lakers now?

How stuck are teams waiting on Kawhi? (0:53)

Adrian Wojnarowski details the bind teams interested in Kawhi Leonard are facing while waiting for him to make his decision. (0:53)

If Kawhi Leonard doesn't join the Lakers, what will they do?

Having secured a meeting with the Finals MVP and top free agent on the market, the Lakers have no choice but to wait for Leonard to make his decision. But while Leonard moves at his own pace, not taking any meetings on the opening day of free agency, action elsewhere has been frenzied. The other max targets the Lakers sought as fallback plans no longer appear to be available. And many of the quality role players the Lakers could have targeted by splitting up their cap space are already spoken for, too.

So, on Day 2 of free agency, what would the Lakers be able to do if they don't get Kawhi?