Deni Avdija could be a polarizing top draft prospect in 2020

Jim Dedmon/USA TODAY Sports

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL -- As Deni Avdija converted a tournament-clinching and-1 with 32.5 seconds left, the 18-year-old strutted toward his opponents' bench with close to 4,000 fans in a frenzy.

First, a wave goodbye as Avdija shouted "adios" to the Spanish team. Then a salute in front of Spain's bench, putting a bow on a 23-point, 7-assist, 3-block night and tournament MVP honors, lifting Israel to its second straight Under-20 European Championship while strengthening his status as a potential top-five pick in the 2020 NBA draft.

"I don't want to be boring," Avdija told ESPN.