Rating latest NBA deals: Jaylen Brown, Hield and Sabonis

Lowe is surprised at how much the Celtics paid Brown (1:17)

Zach Lowe and Michael Wilbon react to Jaylen Brown's four-year, $115M deal with the Celtics, and Lowe is surprised about the "star contract" Boston dished out. (1:17)

What do the rookie extensions agreed to before Monday's deadline for players entering the final seasons of their rookie contracts mean for the players and teams involved?

A busy final three days before the deadline saw six players agree to extensions, bringing the total for the 2016 first round to nine. (Caris LeVert, Jamal Murray and Ben Simmons agreed to extensions over the summer, the latter two to five-year maximum deals.)

Let's break down the latest extensions and how they further weakened the class of 2020 free agents, which is looking increasingly unlikely to yield game-changing moves.