How NBA player salary withholding works and what it means

Woj reports the latest deal between NBA and NBPA (2:04)

Adrian Wojnarowski reports the deal between the NBA and the NBPA that allows the league to withhold 25% of the players' paychecks beginning May 15. (2:04)

How will the NBA and National Basketball Players Association's plan to withhold players' salaries work?

With the season suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, both sides agreed to a plan that will withhold 25% of each player's paycheck beginning May 15, according to a report by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. This clears the way for a gradual reduction in player salaries in case the rest of the season is canceled under the force majeure provision.

ESPN insider Bobby Marks breaks down all the details and ramifications -- based on a memo sent from the union to players and their agents -- including the potential effects on players such as LeBron James, Ben Simmons, Pascal Siakam and Brandon Ingram.