Next big NBA questions: Pay cuts, playoff negotiations and free agency

What does the resumption of the 2019-20 NBA season mean for player salaries, free agency and future team-building plans?

The board of governors approved a return-to-play plan on Thursday that will see 22 teams play an abbreviated regular-season schedule, followed by a playoff play-in tournament and the postseason.

Now that an agreement is in place, the NBA and players' association will turn their attention to collectively bargain a set of transition rules -- a necessity, because the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and 51/49 split of basketball related income (BRI) between players and teams isn't built to fairly handle a dramatic drop in revenue. These rules will include the future economics of the NBA, player salary reductions and amending all future salary-cap dates.

The NBA also will have to adjust the 2020-21 cap calendar that was originally set to start on July 1 and is now scheduled for Oct. 18.

Here's a breakdown of everything that will get negotiated.