Ranking the best NBA players for 2020-21, from 50 to 11

Ja wants the voter's name who didn't vote for him for ROY (0:24)

Ja Morant explains that he's humble, yet confident, and for extra motivation, he wants to send thanks to the single voter who didn't vote for him for NBA Rookie of the Year. (0:24)

We are ranking the top NBA players for the 10th year.

Who will be the best players this season?

To get the final NBArank prediction, we asked our expert panel to vote on pairs of players: LeBron James vs. Giannis Antetokounmpo. Stephen Curry vs. James Harden. Zion Williamson vs. Ja Morant.

We asked, "Which player will be better in 2020-21?" Voters had to predict what they expected from each player in the 2020-21 regular season and postseason.

Here are the next 40 players, from No. 50 down to No. 11:

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