NBA mailbag: Is LeBron being the turnover king a good thing?

Time for another edition of the NBA mailbag.

Throughout the NBA season, I will be answering your questions about the latest, most interesting topics in basketball. You can tweet your questions using the hashtag #peltonmailbag or email them to peltonmailbag@gmail.com.

This week's edition includes how LeBron James' passing Karl Malone for an all-time record is both bad and good, how different analytical measures help profile players' strengths and weaknesses and why the Minnesota Timberwolves can afford to win a game or two.

"I just saw that LeBron James overtook Karl Malone for the most career turnovers. While this is traditionally a negative stat, these two are obviously all-time greats. My guess would be that having the most career turnovers would mean that you have had a long career and a high usage rate. Is there a correlation between having lots of career turnovers and being an all-time great?"

-- Brett