Lowe: Ten NBA things I like and don't like, including endless wizardry from Stephen Curry and ... Poku!

AP Photo/David Dermer

Let's roll with this week's 10 things, including sneaky brilliance from Stephen Curry, endless ineptitude in Sacramento, and the wonder that is Poku.

1. The subtle magic of Stephen Curry

How do you get open when all five defenders are focused on you? We know the common methods. Curry can roast his guy one-on-one, leveraging the threat of the most accurate jumper in league history. He can use a screen from Draymond Green, rumbling into open space more often now with James Wiseman injured -- and the Warriors playing more with Green at center.

Those two make such magic together. What they have is really why we follow basketball. It is what every player searches for, but few find: a hoops soulmate who amplifies your game, sees the floor through your eyes, and reads your intentions the moment you do. Some of their greatest mutual highlights are the product of improvisation -- tweaking some tried-and-true action at the last second because of something only they visualize.

But one of my favorite Steph-isms, on full brilliant display during this incandescent month, is the game of hide-and-seek Curry plays in the chaos of transition.

Check out Curry jogging along the right wing: