NBA mailbag: Why Luka Doncic is actually the next Diana Taurasi

Luka hits unbelievable 3 that is waved off (0:27)

Luka Doncic somehow gets the three to fall, but it is ruled the foul came before the shot. (0:27)

With the postseason officially around the corner and teams jockeying for position, it's time for another edition of the NBA mailbag.

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This week's edition of the NBA mailbag includes:

- A WNBA comp for Luka Doncic?

- Whether an MVP has ever not been the best player on his own team

- Winning without many points from your leading scorer

"Is Diana Taurasi a good comparison for what we've seen from Luka Doncic as a rising star in the NBA?"

-- David, Park City

Comparisons for Doncic have been such a popular pastime that my colleague Tim MacMahon and I teamed up to write a story about them during the 2020 playoffs, but the leading scorer in WNBA history is a fun new one.

As a starting point to quantify this idea, let's look at an updated list of most the similar seasons based on a modified version of my SCHOENE projection system, which looks at several key statistical indicators, height and weight. (The full SCHOENE projections incorporate weighted performance over three seasons; this version uses only a single season.)