Offseason moves for the Brooklyn Nets: Extensions coming for the Big Three?

For the Brooklyn Nets, their second-round loss to the Milwaukee Bucks served as a microcosm of their season.

In dominant wins in Games 1 and 2, the Nets displayed the brilliance that had them as the favorites to reach the NBA Finals.

However, as with most of the regular season, Brooklyn was rarely at full strength in the series. James Harden left 43 seconds into Game 1 and didn't return until Game 5, by which point he was a shell of himself and was no longer playing alongside Kyrie Irving, who suffered an injury of his own that kept him out for the final three games of the series.

Now, with Harden, Irving and Kevin Durant all eligible for extensions, the Nets head into an offseason with a question of just how much money they should commit to the trio, along with potentially bringing back their own free agents and adding to a hefty luxury tax bill.