2021 NBA draft: What (and whom) the Detroit Pistons could get if they traded the No. 1 pick

The Detroit Pistons are on the clock in the 2021 NBA draft, in which they are widely expected to select Oklahoma State star Cade Cunningham with the No. 1 overall pick on July 29. That said, Pistons general manager Troy Weaver and Detroit's stakeholders are believed to be weighing all of their options, which means the draft's other potentially transformational stars are also in play -- as is trading the pick. What would a Pistons trade look like? What kind of haul could Detroit hope to receive in return? Our team of NBA experts offered some proposals for that scenario, breaking down the terms and the potential trade partners.

A two-for-one special in H-Town

Detroit Pistons receive: The No. 2 pick, the No. 24 pick, return of their protected 2022 first-round pick

Houston Rockets receive: The No. 1 pick, the No. 37 pick

Kevin Pelton: Although we've seen teams move up from No. 3 to No. 1, there has never been a swap of the top two picks in the same NBA draft like I'm proposing here. Part of the issue, I'm sure, is agreeing to the right compensation. After all, if the Pistons really prefer Jalen Green (or Evan Mobley) while the Rockets think Texas native Cunningham is the clear top prospect, why move up at all? Houston would in that scenario assure Detroit doesn't trade the pick to someone else, and I think there's a reasonable package to be found.