2022 NBA draft top 100: Updated prospect list, key storylines and the return of the upperclassman

It's been roughly one month since the 2021 NBA draft gave way to our first mock draft of the 2022 NBA draft cycle, and we've already witnessed major movement and some fresh names among the next group of prospects. The 59 names we unveiled in our first two rounds in late July are still here, but we've expanded the enterprise this time to a complete 2022 NBA draft top 100. In addition to our updated list, we've addressed some of the key questions being asked in what will be another abbreviated draft calendar because of the effects of the pandemic.

What's the deal with the lack of point guards? Has the NBA's obsession with young talent begun to shift, ever so slightly, after a 2021 draft that saw a deeper pool of veteran prospects than usual? What will the impact of a lack of international events, as well as a series of watered-down international events, have on the evaluation of the next draft class?

We've sought to answer those questions and more. But first, let's take a look at the full 2022 top 100: