2022 NBA trade deadline: Big questions, targets and draft capital for every NBA team

Could Myles Turner and Ben Simmons be on the move before the trade deadline? Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

To help identify which teams will be looking to acquire players for a playoff or championship push, which teams will trade players to accumulate more draft picks and which teams will mostly hold pat with what they have, we have broken down the rosters and draft picks for all 30 teams.

Along with identifying the big questions each team must answer leading up to the Feb. 10 trade deadline, we've listed the players who are off the board (either because they can't be traded due to some contract restriction or because the team wouldn't trade them in any situation), potential trade targets, value contracts and tough-to-move contracts (though if the past few years with John Wall, Russell Westbrook and others have taught us anything, it's that almost no contract is truly unmovable).