Reinventing basketball: What the NBA might look like without 75 years of baggage

Over the course of its 75-year history, the NBA has carved out an incredible legacy that includes unforgettable moments, superstar players, iconic franchises and legendary coaches. Basketball is now the second-most popular sport in the world behind soccer, and the NBA is a big reason why.

But let's face it, the NBA is a boomer, and some of its conventions that date back to the 1940s are beginning to feel like baggage, and they will not help the best basketball league in the world continue to thrive as we race headlong deep into the 21st century.

It's worth asking: What would be different if the league were able to restart from scratch right now?

Given that the league is 75 years old, the lines on the floor, the rulebook, the timing, the court dimensions and the height and size of the hoop are nothing short of a triumph. These core elements are all almost identical to how they've been for decades and have mostly stood the test of time. The original architects of pro basketball mostly nailed it, but there are a few exceptions, both on and off the court. So what would the NBA change if it wasn't tied to the history and tradition of the sport?