Building the Orlando Magic's perfect 2023 NBA draft: Selecting all three picks

The Orlando Magic have two draft picks in the lottery and three in the top 36 of the 2023 NBA draft. Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the NBA draft dialogue this time of year centers on the first few picks, with teams placed in the spotlight as they prepare to make high-stakes decisions. But further down the draft board, there's always intrigue to be found, particularly with teams holding multiple selections that have the capacity to remake their roster for the better.

The Orlando Magic hold three 2023 draft picks, including two in the lottery, with a chance to catapult their young roster back into relevance with a strong offseason. The Magic nailed a difficult decision at the top of last year's draft, landing Paolo Banchero at No. 1, who earned Rookie of the Year honors with a strong campaign.

Orlando's front office has created a unique team-building opportunity moving forward, with Banchero and Franz Wagner giving them two largely interchangeable playmakers with plus positional size at forward.

What would an ideal draft night look like for the Magic? With the Nos. 6, 11 and 36 picks in hand, the Magic have a big opportunity to add talent this month, whether via the draft or trade. For the sake of the exercise, we'll operate under the assumption Orlando keeps its picks. And while these things always take time to properly bear out, ESPN's Jeremy Woo broke down Orlando's needs and what the best options might look like at each spot.

No. 6 pick: Ausar Thompson | Shooting guard | Overtime Elite