NBA free agency 2023: Which teams have cap space?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The 2023 NBA draft is complete, which means the NBA's 30 teams will now turn their attention to free agency.

Teams can now start negotiating with more than 100 free agents available to sign with any team. However, some teams are more limited than others in what they can offer. Even after the NBA distributed projected salary cap figures that were higher than previously anticipated, only seven teams are expected to have significant cap space available this summer.

To illustrate what to expect this offseason, we've separated all 30 teams into five tiers, ranging from teams who can easily generate cap space to those who are expected to be in the luxury tax -- and potentially facing the punitive first and second apron levels in the new collective bargaining agreement. We've also highlighted which players teams in each level could be targeting, while addressing the challenges that lie ahead.

Note: We are projecting whether player and team options will be exercised or declined this week and if non-guaranteed contracts will be guaranteed. This story will be updated if a player's status changes between now and June 30; 2023 second-round picks and two-way players are not listed below.

Tier 1: Cap space teams

Is this the offseason when teams with projected cap space look to make major moves via free agency, or will they continue to use their financial flexibility to take on unwanted contracts (and add future draft compensation in the process)?