Eric Bledsoe's rising PG stock

Eric Bledsoe could be running his own team next year, says his teammate Chris Paul. Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images

One surefire way to get Chris Paul excited is to mention his backup, Eric Bledsoe. Paul thinks of Bledsoe as a little brother. It has been that way ever since Bledsoe attended Paul's point guard camp while in high school. So naturally, Paul wants what's best for his protege.

What's currently best for Bledsoe, arguably the league's top backup point guard, is to continue giving the Los Angeles Clippers the deepest backcourt in the league as they make a run at their first championship in franchise history. But eventually -- like in June or July -- it probably will be best for him to go elsewhere and run his own team.

The Clippers understand this and so does Paul. So in between running circles around the rest of the league, Paul (along with Chauncey Billups) is tutoring Bledsoe, making sure he'll be ready when he leaves the nest.


He deserves to run his own team, he deserves to be a starter somewhere.


-- Chris Paul on Eric Bledsoe